MG_2399Here is an example of controlling harsh sunlight.

Brenda was placed in the door way of an exterior entry way into the bedroom.  The sun was high in the sky and very unflattering.  A 8’x8′ silk was placed over her head to cut down the intensity of the sun.  A beauty dish was our main light set at f4  1/250 iso 50. Two open flash heads were placed in the bedroom to raise the level to an ambient tone to camera left and right.  The lights were pointed into the room and adjusted  in such a fashion as to just barely add highlights to the knee arm and shoulders.  You do this by line of sight, stand were the model is to be and look to see if you can emotional support dog barely see the flash bulb over the edge of the strobe head. Then you know you are getting just enough spill onto the model with out over powering her light edges and at the same time getting enough light into the room.